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Precious Things is a one-page RPG about tiny dragons building cozy hoards.

Your ancestors were colossal dragons with mountains of gold and earth-shaking magic. You are their proud descendants, building a hoard of your own full of magical power. It’s not easy, since you’re under two feet long.

A game for 2–5 players and one GM that takes about an hour and a half to play. Build your tiny dragon and set off on a big adventure!

If you were a dragon, what would you hoard?

Self-expression is limitless in a game where any household item can become magical. Choose what your dragon hoards, and describe the magic in your favorite precious thing. (It's also a great question to ask to get to know people!)

Prints as a tiny book

If you plan to play this game digitally, use the "Precious Things Singles" PDF file to show one page at a time. 

If you're playing in person, you can print the game at home and make your own little book! Just choose the A4 or Letter-sized PDF file to match your printer paper and follow the instructions in the .rtf file. One cut and a few folds will get you a tiny, tactile book showing you how to play the game one step at a time.

Precious Things will become a full-length RPG sourcebook in 2024. Wet Ink Games will bring this urban fantasy world to life with the +One system.

Actual Play

Dan, his wife Christina, and their daughter Rachael played Precious Things on their podcast Almost Bedtime Theater. You can learn how the game works and have a hilarious heist adventure with Rumble and Loop the library dragons!

Our Team

Written by Lucas Zellers 

Layout and illustrations by Emily Entner

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This work was made by humans. No AI or Machine Generated works are included in this project. Supporting this project means you are supporting real human beings who have dreams, passions, & bills. Thank You. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Precious Things Singles.pdf 3 MB
Instructions for Folding Accordion Book 5 kB
Letter Accordion Book PDF 1 MB
A4 Accordion Book PDF 1 MB
Color Letter Accordion Book PDF 1 MB
Color A4 Accordion Book PDF 1 MB

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I had an idea for a game just like this a few months ago! Now I find out it already exists. 🎉 Thank you for the lovely game! The art is so cute, too.

If its not too much of a bother, I would really love a color version of the foldbook. Perhaps without the tan background to save on ink. 

Done! There's now a color version of the print at home foldable books!

WOO! Thank you! Going to print this now :) 


Precious little dragons! I want them all! 🐲 What about international shipping fees, is it included in the $7 price? Does a dragon will fly to my house to deliver me this cute little stickers sheet?

Deleted 14 days ago

The international fee is covered by the 7$ yes! Unless we can find a dragon that lives in an airport and doesn't hoard envelopes - then we'll give it to them to bring directly to you.

Oh, dragons are truly nice these days! Thanks!

Can't wait to receive these cute little stickers! (I don't know what's the above "deleted post" is; I didn't see that and hope it was not important?)


It was a reply to your question, not sure how it got deleted, sorry for the delay.


My family had a delightful time playing Precious Things! My kiddo and her mom ran rampant through their local library’s game night on a mission to acquire the perfect dice and markers for their hoards, respectively. Chaos ensued. Cats were involved. The mission was successful!

If anyone would like to hear more details and/or catch our full review, the actual play can be found as episode 21 of the Almost Bedtime Theater podcast:  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1505161/14522260


Its a great listen! And a great way to hear how the game plays, and how character creation goes! Thanks so much

Will the sourcebook happen through a somesort of campaign (itch or other platform)?

It will be a Kickstarter by Wet Ink Games,  with an anticipated launch in late 2024! You can keep track of that project and follow the writing and design process on my website at scintilla.studio/preciousthings

Thank you very much! Ill def be following this, and very interested in the future kickstarter.

Heya! I am a bit confused about the itchfunding. Is it to make a full length sourcebook or just for the stickers? Best regards!

It is just to fund a sticker run. The full sourcebook will happen no matter if the itchfunding succeeds or not

Ah! Thanks for clearing that up!

This is such a well made, beautiful Game. Thank you!

Thank you so much! What kind of dragon will you make?